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Introducing the Rhema Music School Master Class – the unrivalled authority in gospel music business education domain across Africa. Our Master Class has been crafted meticulously with a comprehensive curriculum, tailored to help aspirants rise above ordinary and thrive in the evolving panorama of gospel music business.

At Rhema Music School Master Class, we take utmost pride in the unparalleled quality of our music education, creating a nurturing platform for aspirants to immerse in learning, innovation and leadership. Our Master Class is redefining the verticals of gospel music business schooling in Africa, as we continue to be devoted fervently to our vision of grooming the leaders of tomorrow's gospel music industry.

As a beacon of academic excellence, Rhema Music School offers an unparalleled curriculum that extends beyond traditional boundaries to employ a unique blend of practical learning and theoretical pedagogy. With each module designed to spark curiosity, challenge intuition, and stimulate intellectual acumen, our Master Class is a cutting-edge proposition, dedicated to building robust foundations of knowledge that will empower you for a successful future ahead in the gospel music business.

Our mission is to create a learning environment that promotes the development of skills, fosters an in-depth understanding of the music business, encourages entrepreneurial spirit and nurtures a love for gospel music. Our faculty, indeed the best in the music education business, are not just academics but also industry players, often having a direct hand in shaping the music landscape in Africa. They bring their expert insight, extensive experience, and unparalleled industry understanding right into the classroom, leaving our students enriched by their deep knowledge.

With our Master Class, you hold the key to unlock the doors to a world of unending musical opportunities. We aim to develop competent and resilient gospel music professionals. Rhema Music School is steadfast in its commitment to groom future music executives, managers, promoters, agents, producers, and music entrepreneurs with the rightful skills and knowledge.

Rhema Master Class provides a systematic understanding of the core areas of gospel music business, including production, promotion, copyright, and entrepreneurship. You'll also get to explore the practical aspects of talent management, contract negotiation, strategic planning, and much more. This comprehensive learning landscape is as broad as it is deep, designed sharp by our intent to prepare our pupils to become gospel music business leaders, ready to take up exciting roles in an ever-evolving global music industry.

By choosing Rhema Music School’s Master Class, you're stepping into an educational experience that not only provides academic dexterity but also seeks to imbibe in you, an advanced perspective of the African music industry, whilst grooming you to bring about meaningful transformations in the gospel music sector.

Our Master Class stands as the ideal bridge between your passion and your pursuit. The industry-focused approach, modern facilities, robust curriculum and our expert faculty together create an enriched learning experience, setting Rhema Music School apart from its contemporaries.

Moreover, at Rhema Music School, we understand that each student is unique. Hence, we offer individual career guidance, serving as a robust support system to ensure that our students reach their full potential and attain future success in the gospel music business.

As you engage with a vibrant community of like-minded peers, you will also be endowed with plentiful opportunities for networking and collaboration, where meaningful dialogues, creative ideas, and inspiring insights intersect to shape your unique career path in the gospel music business.

Rhema Music School Master Class is where dreams meet reality. It is where music business schooling transcends from the realms of education to the realities of the industry, enabling our students to stand at the forefront of a dynamic and expanding gospel music business.

If you are passionate about gospel music, have a keen desire to learn, and an ambition to make a significant impact in the music business, join our Master Class. Be a part of Rhema Music School, and embrace the golden opportunity to transform into the next promising promoter, producer or leader in the gospel music industry.

Discover the undisputed leader in gospel music business education in Africa - Rhema Music School Master Class. It’s not just about learning, it's about becoming a part of a legacy. Come, experience world-class music business education in Africa, reimagined