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Good news to All Aspiring, upcoming and Established African Gospel Artist




Are you an upcoming or even an established African Gospel Artist asking yourself these questions?


-How do I get my music noticed by billions of listeners?


-How do I get my followers to buy into what I'm doing more?


-How can I affect my world positively with my music and so impressing managers and agents?


-How do I bring more exposure and visibility to my music and get to international platforms and opportunities as an African Gospel Artist?


-How can I eventually make money and do music full-time despite the limitations around African countries?


So if you think about these things and even more every night and day (like I did) you've come to the right place because Rhema Music School Master Class is built to solve these problems and even more


As an African Gospel Artist aspiring, upcoming or established,if you struggle with getting your music in front of new fans, then Rhema Music School Master Class is built for you.


If your fanbase is not growing no matter how much promotion you do


If you're struggling to find the fans that will fall in love with your unique sound


Even if you feel lost when it comes to the long-term marketing strategy for your music


If your geographic location is holding you back from finding new fans


If you Are overwhelmed by the complexity of the music industry and not sure what to do


If you need music industry connections, someone to show you the way


If the marketing part of music itself in general makes your brain hurt


If you Are doing everything by yourself and not sure how to go any further


Then Rhema Music School Master Class is here to help you:


We want you to know that Our spirit filled Music Business strategies and ideas are Specifically Designed to Fill the Gaps


From earning royalties, to crafting a journey for your fans, reaching billions with the message God dropped in your heart through your music, our mission is to make sure that all our subscribers feels confident with how the music industry works and has clarity on how to move forward with growing their music-based brand, reach their world with the message God gave them through songs living well and glorifying God